the gentle touch of this piano cello duet

makes me think of you the love of my life

finding my heart blessed full of memories of the both of us

being together side by side

treasured moments not always valued 

at the time and still filling me up with 

feelings for which I don’t have words 

and I don’t wanna hide 

while bittersweet tones of yearning 

are gently moving from present to past 

I know you will come back to me at last

but for now I am left with the touch 

of my memories and with every single cell 

of my body I’m counting a thousand years

at least it feels so long

then with sudden certainty of your endless love

I realize I’m embraced right now by your 

wonderful soul and both of us are strong


up here you have a clearer view

won’t you join my adventure here above cloud nine

so you can put yourself aside and rest for a while

cause there’s a place between the worlds

can we believe that this isn’t real

will we ever explore this room above our heads

so we can put ourselves aside and out there to help

cause there’s a place between the worlds

we are all aligned 

spinning stardust

is the theory of everything the limit

the answer to how far humanity can go

I do wish for a peaceful heart 

how far away are these unified philosophies

so I can put myself aside to be able to hear 

cause there’s a place between the worlds


go to your center

stay in your zone

follow the guidelines

you can get strong

there’s unlimited power

more than you think

connect to this fountain

give inspiration a chance

let no one ever tell you

that you can’t do better

let no one ever tell you 

that you can’t climb up the ladder

let no one ever tell you

that you will fail for sure

we are so used to

stay small and comfortable

we are so used to

say yes when we mean no

this is not about rich and poor

this is not about us and them

this is not about followers and rulers 

it’s about you and me

let no one ever tell you

that you can’t do better

let no one ever tell you 

that you can’t climb up the ladder

allow your motivation 

to go beyond expectation

to rise


who am I

when you are gone

still I can’t define my shape

who am I

when you’re around

can you see behind this facade

I cannot lose

I will be hurt

I have to choose

to lose my heart

who am I

without my strength

when I try to show myself

who am I

within your power

can you feel the strain inside me

I cannot lose

I will be hurt

I need to choose

to lose my heart

so please hear me say

it’s alright, it’s ok

you’re not lost in this phrase

you’ll win one day

so I will go with you

and lose


let go is surely not the thing 

I want to hear from you

there are so many things 

I really wanna hold on to

I’m sick and tired of appearing 

like that sad-eyed girl

thats why you started asking me 

if I permit myself to cry

at last my tiny feet have touched 

the ground and I decide to stay

I keep my ears shut when you 

tell me I should go the other way

pretending I don’t care does not 

at all help ease my pain

so why somehow it seems that 

I deserve to suffer endlessly 

my heavy heart burns inside

rage and anger show their grace

sorrow overwhelms the day

I’ve done enough when am I done 

I am falling apart

my heavy heart burns inside

rage and anger show their grace

sorrow overwhelms the day

I’ve done enough, yes enough

I will go on my own


now I

see you

I can barely trust my eyes

is it you 

who got to know 

my deepest love and light

although the years have passed

no movement can be found

isolation is your key

that’s you now

I was waiting for 

detached from all this grief 

it’s so clear

what now

I can’t 

join you

I won’t fall into despair

on your way 

back to life

you’re still fighting a blind fight


I’ve been waiting 

for somebody like you to appear

but now I can’t handle 

these irrational thoughts you have

why are you that careless 

can’t you at least show a little support

what I’m truly wondering is

if your love’s even real

now I seem to be

the one to blame

out of nowhere 

you hardly choose

you tend to fade

you’re on the run

you fool will end up all alone

loosing the faith 

cause I used to feel like

I’m never enough

don’t be naive you said

I’m shaking off the sweetness

you’re not the one

I’m better off without you 

still you’re not awake

trapped in a dream

made of fire

to be alive

to feel immortal

I need to run


afraid of acting insecure

avoiding any human conversation

he’s the one who doesn’t know the last time

that he looked into somebody’s eyes

there’s a desolated lonesome space

so he’s deciding to invite a guest a lover

who fits perfectly into this place

I’m packed up waiting to arrive

I will love you this is what I can do

that’s why I am taking part of this delusion 

I can make you happy dancing all night long

I wanna be in the possession of a puppeteer

he chose her name a while ago

likes bathing her in precious perfumed waters

drapes her frame in veils of silver braids her hair

assembling his perfect bride

a nightmare dressed in creepy white

I can’t do this I will never be yours

leaving you can be the way out of this prison

please read the agreement I can guarantee

there is no way for us it’s time to face reality 


are your eyes wide open

do you see the wonder

in the distance

can you sense the meaning

hidden in the nightfall

longing to be found

challenge the horizon

dare to ask for guidance

deepening your calling

doubts are fading

are your eyes wide open

do you see the wonder

moving closer

do you mind the silence

present in this moment

listen to the end to begin


I’m freezing

in your presence

I can not bear your

stone cold heart

I’m freezing

although I keep my distance

I won’t share my warmth with you

or split my heart in two

I’m freezing

I’m asking why you

feed the winter inside

of you and your life

I’m freezing

although I tried to build 

a wall made of ice

between us two

no more frozen breath

we both need to be brave

no longer sharing thoughts 

´cause now it’s time to part

and I start with saying 



Why should I care, what nail polish you want to wear

Why should I know, how you like to peel an avocado

Talking gossip (gossiping) about other people’s lives

What else do you do behind others backs

Don’t you see, people around you getting angry

feeling nervous about what your next step might be

You like to control in the name of perfection

then better accept me changing direction

if I choose my way

if I’m not your clay

if I’m honest

if I’m straight

I don’t want to stay


in our hearts

the joyful welcome unfolds

all our love

contains the wonder

of life’s divine reality

all songs from the album  COMES & GOES written by Su Rehrl & Marc Bruckner


don’t you dare have regrets

we’ve all heard this phrase before

things that made us feel hurt

keep the past and pain alive

we are guided by delight

simply seduced with words

gravitating towards hope

won’t change your view – you know

I don’t know if I’m

I don’t know if I’m the one who ends the suffering

I know that I, yes

I know that I will somehow be okay ‘cause now

I know you can, now 

I know that you can see the clarity

of blurred water and beyond – so I will learn

guilty thoughts make you fall

into the endless night

this is perfect is what you say

mark my words – you’ll see


never thought I could be here on my own

next to a thousand possible ways

I search for the horizon instead

I’m completely mystified

leave all the maps you had behind

says the voice inside of my head

locate the treasure to reveal

your destination to get

out of this maze – my way

I start to rearrange the streets

to my advantage I believe

irreversible decisions appear

like dead ends as if I’m blind

back where it began I can’t deny

to feel discouraged and out of control

shifting platforms around me I pray

but that won’t get me 

out of this maze – my way

come with me I show you

possible solutions

miracles surround you

please reach out your hand

so I can help

I can easily see that you’re there

I never thought that you’d care

I feel shaky but I’m back on my feet

it’s time to make the last move

I’m heading to the core

to solve this puzzle 


tell me now, how do you feel

your achievements do not count

what is the thing that you desire most in life

where has the love gone

be honest please, what are your goals

I’m not interested in your success

It’s not dangerous to question what affects your mind

where has the love gone

somewhere along the line

do you think that you’re self-aware

can you handle the things as they are

your heart suffers silently, for all those years

where has the love gone

somewhere along the line

someday does not exist

there’s no such thing


you can’t hide that you feel

insecure and small

it’s insane to think that I’m the only

one who see’s – all of you

you won’t ever share 

the fear of being blamed

there’s enough to contribute and listen to and 

I’m simply overwhelmed – by all of you

say what you want, what to do,

what you can – it’s all about us

now that I see what you need,

how your care – it’s all about us

you like to keep essential questions

to yourself

I don’t mind if I’m erasing this 

idea of trust – I’m all of you


sometimes it seems

as if there’s so much left unsaid

I see all of this moments in a different light

still out of sight

I wish I could go back

I think the time is right

because I know what I’ve thought

I know what I’ve said – I do regret

my yearning

my mind carries 

so much weight, I’m afraid

and still I care about the past

and I am drawn to words

that haven’t been said

my yearning

behind the glass

I’m whispering, imagining

that won’t change a thing


escaping sorrows

by finding comfort in my hideaway

outside myself, inside empty space

this is where I wonder

moving silently at the speed of light

down the milky way

spiraling so lovely, because of zero gravity

haunting tiny particles

colliding suns ahead of us

eternal time

escaping sorrows

by finding comfort in your hideaway

outside yourself, inside empty space

this is where you wonder

moving silently at the speed of light

down the milky way

spiraling so beautifully, because of zero gravity

collecting tiny particles

arising suns ahead of us

transforming into descent black holes


as a child, I could see

a falcon far away

but now times, times have changed

he got out of my range

factories and stores were built

that peoples life isn’t killed

what we call a happy life

is not more than destroying our paradise

everything can be sold

as long as we are staying cold

yeah mama, how long will this go on

someday nature is gone – she said 

we will stay on our walls

until the first one is going to fall

composer / lyrics: Marc Bruckner


he’s lost in the dark

never wants to see the light

can’t you please ease your grip

you obviously enjoy introducing this veil

of unbreakable silence

he’s willing to share

there’s so much to contribute 

but not a word does pass his lips

you constantly try to feed these illusional doubts

he’s forced to hide behind

quiet night falls

eagerly longing

for any kind of blur

disbelief is fragile

and tender

insecurity is taking over

composer / lyrics: Su Rehrl 


don’t place the past in front of you

move it back where it belongs

it’s waisted time to find the cause

for actions that ended up in agony

leave this circle 

stop feeding the pain

by pulling back

the idea of yourself

clear your thoughts, everything starts there

how you perceive people and emotions

you don’t need me

I’m no part of identity

set me free

train your mind and 

start to observe


hello, hello, hello dear open spaces

goodbye is all 

I have to say to you now

‘cause your days are gone

I know they’re done 

inside this loneliness

hides the emptiness 

afraid of this illusion

I tumble all around

shadows are haunting my dreams

please let me go

so that I can end this

paralyzing state of mind

to take this ride

into the unknown

hello, hello, hello dear open spaces

goodbye my friend

welcome eternity

I don’t know what’s next

it will be better than before

the choices I have made

led to this wondrous place

I’m willing to share

my knowledge and beliefs

so it’s time to get on board

I can’t wait to leave the ground

Finally decided to grow 

and to go ‘cause

I’m giving birth to a new life

all songs from the album WITHIN THE TIDES written by Su Rehrl & Marc Bruckner, except WE STAND ON OUR WALLS (© Marc Bruckner) & MUTE MODE (© Su Rehrl)